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Why TYS361

TYS361 Key Features

Test Your Self is an online examination platform that provides an opportunity to the students to test their knowledge on different subjects and topics, anytime and anywhere. Certainly, there is no dearth of websites offering Online Practice Tests on different subjects but what really stands TYS 361 apart from its competitor is that it empowers students to create online test on any subject and topic along with deciding the duration. Each feature on the website has been designed from students’ point of view in which students are responsible for creating the test subject wise, topic wise, level wise, date and duration of the test. This way, students can go through one topic and check their knowledge and do the same for other topics.

Easy Steps to Follow

  • Mock Test Online, Create A Test, Subject Wise Test, Topic Wise Test - TYS361

    Easy Registration

    Create an account following an easy and fast registration process to avoid any confusion.
  • Mock Test Online, Create A Test, Subject Wise Test, Topic Wise Test - TYS361

    Create & Schedule test

    Be flexible to create test subject wise, chapter wise, and topic wise test at any time.
  • Write & Get Result

    Get your scorecard soon after completing the test on your dashboard.

Highly Interactive Dashboards

A personalized dashboard has been provided to each student that provides options to start/create test as per their convenience. One can start the test immediately with Start Test or schedule it later with Schedule Test. If you want to practice the scheduled test, opt for Practice or want to get hold of previous years’ examination question, go for TYPE (Test Yourself on Previous Examination). The experts are available to help you if you are in any doubt. Request them to Plan Test by stating all your requirements and experts will get back to you with best possible suggestions. Soon after submitting the test, students can generate their scorecard too.

Leave all your worries to meet the teachers in order to track the progress and performance of your wards. TYS 361 provides highly interactive dashboard for each user including parents who can view and get notified for the scheduled examination dates and check the grade cards. Even parents will be communicated if student has rescheduled the test time and date. The graphical representation will depict his level of the performance since beginning. Also, parents can provide their valuable feedback and can make enquiry right from their dashboard. Meanwhile, parents can also view the details of package they have opted for.

Keep your students in a perfect sync with the ongoing syllabus while clearing all their doubts on every topic. Using the dashboard, teachers can create and share the tests with students, frame the questions, prepare the study materials, organize practice test, and provide answer sheets on every chapter of the subject. These many different levels are meant to remove the examination fear from the students and prepare them to perform the best in examination.